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 Posted: 2013-08-07 10:04 pm
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You most certainly are not an ass because you are having bicurious feelings.  It seems as if you have found yourself attracted to women on and off in your life.  It is entirely possible that you are attracted to some women but not your best friend.  I've been a lesbian for 30 years and I'm not attacted to my best friend. 

On the other hand, I know of women who are straight as can be but have had one or two occurrences when they enjoyed with a flirtation with a woman.

We all land somewhere on the gay/bi/straight scale due to the dna we were born with.  It seems like with you, it has to be the right woman for you to feel the way you do - you are not going to just sleep with any woman just cause your horny!  ;)   I'll bet it is that way with the men in your life too but you do not feel the same pressure to decide if you like men or not.  Does that make sense? 

I think you should stop trying so hard to label yourself and just let things happen.   I guess the only issue (that in a way is unique to bisexual people) is if you decide to marry a man, you will never be able to satisfy your sexual urges for a woman should they arise.  He can't help you with that.  And, as human nature would have it, it is sometimes difficult (especially for women - and seems for you too) to contain their feelings once they've been sleeping with someone - so it could get difficult.  

Am I confusing you more?  So sorry ....

Sounds like you have had a conversation with your boyfriend and that is great.  I think both of you need to keep an open dialog going and definitely hold off from marrying until something happens that clarifies all this for you.

Hope this helped a little.  Maybe check out the bisexual subforum below ....


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