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 Posted: 2013-07-24 03:01 am
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This is a serious question. I have many gay and transgendered friends, more than I have straight friends. I love them all and we never get into discussions or debates about religion. I am a religious person and do believe in the Holy Scriptures, God, etc. They know it and respect that, as I respect them and their beliefs.

At the same time, I have had a couple friends that I've known for years just up and leave me once they ask about my beliefs and I answer honestly.

I believe that my religion is my own concern, and I have to work out my own salvation, as does everyone else. I've never tried to push anyone into anything, nor preach, or anything else intrusive or annoying. If faith comes up, we simply listen and seek to understand each other's unique perspectives and respect that. It's always been as simple as that.

What I can't understand is why so many others hate me outright when I have never done wrong simply because of my religious beliefs. I genuinely love my gay/lesbian/transgendered friends as much as I love my straight friends.

My question is: can't, and shouldn't, respect go both ways? Is this not possible between Christians and LGBTQ?

It has in my own relationships aside from two individuals who decided that love is only possible when each individual approves of every single thing the other person does. But it simply is not possible to love and approve of everything another person does. If that were the requirement for love, love would not exist. One person might breathe too loudly, or not have very good hygiene, or talk during movies.

I believe that seeing things you may not find desirable and loving that person anyway is a GREATER love, even a more lasting love.

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