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 Posted: 2013-06-24 10:08 pm
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So i have been reading lots of websites and all its doing it making me ever more confused. I have been into transsexual porn for some time now, and a few years ago i finally decided to stop pretending and get out their.

Well after being with a few transsexual woman i met on the internet i found i really enjoyed it. However i want to be both a top and a bottom with a transsexual woman and this is where i get confused. I find it hard to have a relationship because most transsexual women call me gay for wanting them to top me. So i read up on it and i guess people call me a "Chaser" because i like anal. I don't like anal with just TS women though, i have been with women who have fucked me with a strap-on and i enjoy that just as much. Although it was usually just a one time thing, the few women i have found willing to do this said that they just wanted to try it, and weren't interested in dating a man that enjoyed taking it up the ass. One was even a lesbian that said she just wanted to see a man take it up the ass.

This is going into detail below but i feel its vital to my question.

Well after being called gay from these women and reading it online i thought i should try being with a man because people and sites keep telling me i'm gay. So i met a man on craigslist and he was very feminine but i wasn't very attracted when i saw a pic because he still looked to masculine. I decided to try it anyway, i go to met with him and we had a few drinks and then back to his place. He kissed me and it kind of made me sick, he saw the look i got on my face and said he will try something else. So he told me to close my eyes and unzipped my pants and started to give me a blowjob. I started to get hard but when i opened my eyes and saw him doing it i went limp. He seemed frustrated and asked if i had been with a man before and i told him "no but i have been with transsexuals" and he got offended and said i'm not a gay and told me to get out.

So i don't get it. Even just a few months ago i was dating a woman for a few months and she found transsexual porn and broke up with me because she said i'm gay (she also thought it was gay of me to ask her to fuck me with a strap-on). Transsexual women don't want to date me because they don't want to top me and call me gay if i ask. And gay men say i'm not gay. So i don't know what to do... I mean if i enjoy anal sex from time to time but i mostly like to top, should i just keep trying with men even though i'm not into it because everyone else keeps calling me gay.

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