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 Posted: 2013-06-20 05:03 pm
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For years I watched the San Francisco gay parade and my stomach churned with the men and boys group passed by.  It just doesn't feel right to me.  But, typically the community tries to be supportive of everyone.  I'm with you though, it feels off.  But, then, I really didn't like the leather folks whipping their whips and treating each other like dogs - but - it works for them.

I think they even tried to disallow the men and boys group from showing at the parade but people complained.  Its been a while but I wonder if there is an age limit on the boys because I don't remember seeing boys who seemed younger than 16 or so .....

There were alot of people who hissed this group as they passed by so I don't think the majority of the community supports the group.

By the way, here is their official statement on their website: 

NAMBLA's website states that it is a political, civil rights, and educational organization whose goal is to end "the extreme oppression of men and boys in mutually consensual relationships."[9] According to the NAMBLA, some of the organization's primary positions are:
  • Supporting and promoting man/boy relationships: they hold that when consensual these relationships are not harmful or child sexual abuse.[10] One study they cite is the controversial Rind et al. paper.[11]
  • Age-of-consent reform: what NAMBLA describes as "empowerment of youth in all areas, not just the sexual."[9]

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