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 Posted: 2013-06-19 12:25 am
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A little about me, coildnt express myself growing up, it wasnt that kinda family.
I've delt with that through
I've had issues with anxiety as far back as grade 4, ocd, depression.
Met my exwife when I was 15 & divorced 13 yrs later.
I took it pretty hard mainly because it wasnt the way I thought It should go.
The white picket fence idea!
I've delt with that in couciling too lol

Ive had one relationship in 14 yrs since the divorce.The lady i dated was bisexual & I was very attracted to her in the beginning but after awhile I couldnt perform in the bedroom.
I have no drive to date women or men.I'm attracted too women and aroused by some male atomy.
Im tired of being lost depressed, frustrated, feeling of going nowhere.
Transgender ..I dont know
If anyone can share some thoughts i'd really appreciate it


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