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 Posted: 2013-05-14 05:04 pm
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Hi and welcome to the lgbt forum.  :)

Sounds like you've got the hots for this guy and it seems to me from your description that he is struggling with the fact that he has an attraction to you as well.

I think the fact that you said you will not talk to him about his sexuality pretty much puts the whole thing to a halt.  If you are so dead set  against putting it out in the open verbally, I can't imagine you ever making a move to act on your attraction physically.  So where that leaves you is waiting on him.  From the way you describe his actions and his apparent struggle, I think you have a long wait.  And if he does eventually act on his attraction, there is a good chance he will go back and forth and drive you nuts.  Major drama.

My advice would be to enjoy the flirtation and the attraction but never expect anything at all.  Move on, date other people and forget about moving forward with him.  If for some reason the Universe brings you two together then enjoy it - but expect to become a part of his struggle with accepting himself.

The way to begin dating would be to flirt a little and then just come on out and ask someone on a date.  Out and proud.  Unless you just get out there and ask for what you want, you will not get it.....

You may not like this advice but to me it is the reality of the situation.

One more note - you mention not wanting to be out there with your sexuality because it might tarnish your reputation.  This is a problem because as long as you feel that way you will never live a balanced and healthy life.  If you are gay, or bi, you must fully accept it and be out and proud.  If you hide it, then you add to the homophobia in the world.


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