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 Posted: 2010-09-01 08:59 pm
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Hello Everyone,  from my personal experience, New York City is a great gay friendly location to visit in the U.S. I say this because I am a lesbian and feel like I am always looked at and judged because of the way that I dress.  :eek: I also hate when people start at my girl and I if we hold hands.  New York City was a great place to visit because everyone is in their own world and no one cares about what you look like! The city is all about making money and everyone is focused on theselves.  There are also a lot of gay/lesbian clubs, bars, and areas.  This was the best vacation that my girlfriend an I ever had and I would definitely reccommend it.  If you want more information or are looking for cheap deals, I would suggest going on  Have Fun! :)

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