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 Posted: 2013-04-24 05:27 pm
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Thanks for posting. I'm not bisexual, myself, so I can only speak according to what my bi friends say (and my own personal view of being with someone who is bisexual). Most of them seem to have a leaning - (i.e. they are more comfortable sexually with one or the other) - but they all say they are just as capable of completely falling in love with either sex.

It makes alot of sense to me that people would say that you are more masculine than her other relationships - right? You feeling distressed by that probably is just a case of feeling insecure because she has had more lesbian relationships than straight. And I think you said that so I'm being redundant here.

My only advice is that if you are going to enter into a relationship with someone who is bisexual, you better learn to trust her. Take what she says as the truth and let go of paranoid thoughts.

I do understand you wondering if someday she will want a woman - and then feeling vulnerable because you can't give that to her. And that right there is why it is a challenge to be with someone who is bisexual. (In my opinion). I'm a lesbian who would have never been with a bisexual person when I was dating. I'm way to paranoid and always felt that that person would have eventually gone straight because it is just easier to exist in society as a straight person.

If you are looking long term, perhaps coming to terms with the fact that at some point she may want to go out and be with a woman is a good bet. The two of you can work out the specifics, such as sharing in the experience, etc.

I'm thinking I probably wasn't too much help. Perhaps you should read through the posts (there are alot in the Introduce Yourself section) as there are alot of bisexual people here and send them some PMs or just reply to their posts. Their feedback should be interesting to you.

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