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 Posted: 2013-04-17 07:51 pm
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Hello awesome community!

I'm a supporter of the LGBTQQ community and would like to show that by sharing with you my social venture.

I wanted to share my indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to create a symbolic product that supports Gender Rights. Profits from the venture are re-invested in the cause, and in this case, into the LGBT community across the Bay from where I currently go to school at UC Berkeley.
You can find it here:

Indiegogo Campaign: Jelly the Rainbow Whale

I would also like to cordially invite all the creative members to participate in an Art/ Design Contest. It's free to enter for anyone 13 years or older, no purchase necessary and prizes will be awarded.

Visit my website to learn more:

Immensely Alive

And finally, if you are interested in supporting a social startup that is planning on creating more products that financially support Gender Rights, Mental Health and Breast Cancer Research in the near future.

Please support by:
Liking on Facebook: Immensely Alive
Or Contributing/ Sharing/ Liking the Campaign linked ^ up there.

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