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 Posted: 2013-04-07 10:16 pm
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This past March I have had to endure a crapload of homophobia and ignorance. It's making me depressed and occasionally it makes me doubt myself. I won't say the exact wording of what I've heard (it would be very triggering to most) but people are basically saying that heterosexual marriage is the "right" marriage and that the "sancity" of it needs to be "protected". UGH.

My two bffs (who happen to be conservative Christian and both sisters) and I have had some convos lately concerning gay marriage. I don't bring up my beliefs or my orientation and I hate that, because it feels like I'm almost lying to them. But I'm still in the biromantic/questioning area.....

How can I ignore their words so I won't be so depressed?

Never be afraid to accept who you are.
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