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 Posted: 2013-03-12 12:28 am
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I think your brother had a great idea.  Even though you are not close to your cousin, he is gay and has probably gone through exactly what you are experiencing - and - he is family so he may know who in the family is open.  The two of you can go out exploring together - maybe find an lgbt support center somwhere.  People who are gay typically have open arms to each other so it doesn't matter if you are close now - he will be there for you.  And you will become close.

I lived in KY (LaGrange - just outside of Louisvile) for a few years - and it can be tough being out to people in the country - but Louisville itself is very liberal.  They have a great gay bar with an exceptional drag show. 

If you are not sure you are gay why do you want to jump the gun and worry about telling people?  Your sexual identity issue is one that only you can solve - no one else can tell you whether you are gay.  There is no rush.  Just relax and the mystery will unfold.  In the meantime do not worry too much about coming out to people.  I was gay for 6 years before I came out to family.  It is much better to come out when you have accepted yourself fully and are more grounded and centered.

Please do not worry so much about all this.  Take your time exploring your sexuality and when you are sure about who you are, then think about coming out to people.   If you go out to explore (maybe with your cousin?) - try to do it outside of your community so that you can remain anonymous for now.

Definitely approach your cousin.  Just give him a call and ask to meet for coffee.  He may already have an idea that you may be gay - and he just may know what you want to talk about. 

However all this ends up - know that you are a beautiful person and it is ok if you are gay, straight, bi - whatever.  Take it slow ...... OK?  Everything will work out in the end.


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