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 Posted: 2013-03-08 06:49 am
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I am finding this insanely frustrating. This is not the first time these feelings and questions have came up in my head but last time I just buried them deep and forgot all about it. I live in tiny towns with nobody to talk to. I talked to my brother and I completely regret it now because he was no help at all and was not answering any of my questions. All that he said was talk to my gay cousin who I hardly know and only see on occasion at family get togethers. How exactly do you just let go of the fears. The fear of how my family will react. The fear of how ky friends will react. The fear of trying to meet new people. The uncertainty is killing me. I am just worried that if I say that I am (gay/straight/bi) and my feelings change I will hurt someone that I had become close to. How do people battle with this for years? It has only been a few months that I have been battling these feelings and I am going insane when I am alone. I have buried myself into video games all my life and I just cant seem to play them anymore. I know my family will notice that something is up and I just dont think I would be able to say what is bothering me.

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