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 Posted: 2013-03-06 02:05 am
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You cope by forcing yourself to get out and by treating yourself well.  Sometimes we just have to reason things out and try to let logic enter the picture.  Will feeling tortured bring her back?  No.  It won't.  So - logic says that you need to move on.  Get out there, treat yourself well, exercise, look good and show her what she is missing. 

I don't mean to diminish what you are going through because we've all been there and it is tough.  Sometimes we just have to cry and eat junk food and isolate for a while.  But, it will eventually be up to you to grab yourself by the bootstrings and take control of your happiness. 

Believe me, there will be others .....  Go for a walk today

If you can afford it and know where to find a lesbian friendly lesbian (preferrably she is a lesbian herself), it couldn't hurt to see a therapist.  They will help you process your feelings and move beyond them.

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