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 Posted: 2013-03-04 08:26 pm
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Thank you very much for that response. It is really helpful. I never watched porn, gay or straight and so i was wondering if that was why i was so lost, but i have no intention to start. I do really want to explore with a woman and the reason ive started posting suddenly and asking wuestions is because the possibility of that happening has sort of appeared recently. I want to pursue this woman but im scared of messing up. I dont want to let her down but i do really like her and she makes me excited and nervous. I will do my best to just follow my instincts and not think with my head so much! Im a very very left brained- analytical person. Im also just really scared of letting somebody down. She is much more experienced than i am and hopefully she will (if we start dating) be patient and enjoy my naivety. Its kinda fun to be sort of a virgin again in a way. I gave it away so easily and early on as a kid, its exciting to have that experience now when it means more.

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