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 Posted: 2013-03-03 06:14 pm
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I'm glad to hear you are self aware and not concerned about what others think.  I'm not exactly clear on how you are worried about yourself.  Is it because you fear that your support system will turn on you?  Is it because you just do not know how to move forward and how to meet other gay men?  Is it because you, yourself, have some internal homophobia and you are worried that there is something wrong with you? 

Or, are you just worried that you aren't sure if you are gay or not and it is frustrating?  If this is the case, and based on your feelings that you describe in your post, I would say that you sound gay to me.  Just thinking about men and seeing gay porn, etc. gets you turned on.  I think that is a pretty strong signal.  I would say further exploration at some point is in order.  Keep in mind there is no rush to put a label on yourself.  Relax and see what happens.   

Do you want to talk with your brother for him to say it is OK so that you feel OK about it?  Or, do you just want to see if he thinks you might be gay too? 

In the end, this is your decision to make and one of the most intuitive ones you will ever make in your life.  The decision will come naturally if you let go of any fear of it and just see.  I think you already know.

Am I getting closer to what is worrying you?

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