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 Posted: 2013-03-03 04:41 am
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I think it is difficult because being gay is still stigmatized in alot of the country. It takes a while to accept the fact that we are gay because we are fighting all the negativity we hear our whole lives.  We're expecting to feel the same feelings toward the opposite sex as all our friends do and then we start to realize that its not the same for us.  We expect to travel in a certain direction, then get surprised when we find our interests lie elsewhere.  That is why its hard.  

It sounds like you are definitely feeling yourself being drawn to men and so you should follow your natural instincts.  Be confident in, and proud of, yourself.  Don't loose sleep over it.  You will find a diverse community of lgbt people in the world - and they will be like a second family to you.  Try to search out a local lgbt support center so you can talk about your feelings with others who really get it.  And they can be friends and you can go out and explore the gay lifestyle with each other.

And, if you try men and it doesn't work for you - no big deal.  Get out there, follow your instincts and do what makes you happy. 

Always remember that you are perfect the way you are.  Always be proud - nobody can take that away from you.

Keep us posted.....


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