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 Posted: 2013-03-03 04:26 am
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What you are feeling is very normal.  Trying something new (especially something that is stigmatized) is always a little scarey.  First time I walked into a lesbian bar I was really nervous.  Talking and dancing with women for the first time - all of it scarey.  But, after the first kiss - momentum, and long awaited curiousity, took over.  The first time I was "with" a woman, afterwards, I felt a little funny because it was something new - but I went right back for more and more and more    ;).   

If you are wondering what to do with another woman, just remember - you are a woman. So, think about what you like - and share that with your partner.  Its like when people  joke and say that its hard to turn someone straight after they've been gay because gay people have all the same equipment as their partner so they know how to use it!  :cool:  Practice on yourself - seriously .....

If you can get a hold of a book on the subject, there are a lot out there - here is a link to a very popular one on amazon: 

I guess the biggest difference is, of course, that you would use your fingers to penetrate your partner.  (keep those fingernails short!)with one, then two .... etc.   Soft, easy and slow at first.  Start

Whatever you do, don't watch porn cause it is made by men and it represents their fantasies as opposed to what women really want. 

So, trust what it is you like as a woman, then pay attention to how your partner is responding and make adjustments as you go along.  If you are with a more experienced woman, she will guide you.  That is how it was for me.   If you are with a woman who is new, then she will be in the same boat as you and you will figure it out together.

As far as labeling yourself, don't be in such a rush.  You don't have to decide right away if you are bisexual or lesbian or straight - just follow your natural instincts, follow your path and you will know.  All paths lead to a place that is just fine, so no worries.

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