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 Posted: 2013-03-02 06:09 am
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So.. I am 19 and have been attracted to women since I was 14. At first I just felt like I really desperately wanted this girl to be my friend and like me, but soon I realized I was really attracted to her, and unsurprisingly, she turned out to be gay two years later. I am also relatively attracted to guys and have had many boyfriends. My problem is this: i really want to date a woman, im an artist and i only draw women, i think women are so beautiful and i really want to be with one but im scared because i don't know how to be with a woman. Ive been with so many guys its easy. I know exactly what to do, how to act, how to be sexual and please a guy. I have no experience sexually with women and its really intimidating. I have no idea if ill like sex with women but does that even make any sense?? If i know for sure im more attracted to women than men could i possibly not like sex with one? I dont even get it. I think its just because i dont know where to start or what to do and im scared of not being any good and its easier with a guy when i know what im doing. What should i do? I dont and have never watched porn is that maybe why im so lost on this? I just want to be able to be intimate with a woman because then i would know for sure if i have any interest in guys. Its like if i was confident and comfortable sexually with women id never have to be with a guy again but does the fact that im scared and confused about having sex with women mean that im not gay???? Were other people ever scared of going there- not because of what people will think or because its wrong, but just because they didnt know what to do and if they would like it?

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