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 Posted: 2013-02-23 04:42 am
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Hi there,

I am a professor at a college--it is a different school environment than at your school. but dealing with bullying at college/middle school/high school can be a difficult and delicate issue all the same.

Ultimately, you want to eliminate the bullying without making yourself a target of violence. You want to both stop the aggression against you and diffuse the situation so you don't continue to be the target of a bully's ways.

You may already be aware of this, but the first thing to keep in mind is that, of course, there is nothing wrong with you. You have a right to be true to yourself without being harassed for it.

Secondly, realize that this bully is acting out of ignorance. He has not been taught about tolerance and respect towards people who may in some way be different than him. It is clearly a lesson he has not learned.

I know you say you haven't come out, but, without having to come out, there are ways that you can approach administrators as well as teachers, administrators, counselors at your school who have both your safety and comfort, as well as the educational mission of the school, very much in mind.

Don't fear being a "rat". See it as helping a bully learn that what he is doing is wrong and will not be tolerated in society at large. He needs that education.

You can approach school faculty and administrators and firmly explain that you do not feel safe at this school, that you fear for your safety, that you are not comfortable and that this is affecting your schoolwork. You want to seek allies who have more influencing power than you do in the education of other students, and school administrators and teachers certainly do. Make them your allies. They will know what course of action is best to take and they have more power than you do to take action.

Lastly, be aware of organizations like GLSEN ( which can help raise awareness in your school as well.

You are not alone in fighting discrimination and/or harassment because of sexual orientation (regardless of whether you have come out or not).

Whatever happens, don't be afraid of being true to yourself. Be courageous and know that even if you may feel cornered, there are many people who will stand by you and help you educate others around you about tolerance without having to resort to retaliatory harassment or violence.

Be strong.

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