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 Posted: 2013-02-23 12:44 am
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I understand what you're saying and it's not so much whether or not this video is offensive to gay people.

It really is more about creating a college environment where young people can feel free to be true to themselves.

I don't think the kids that did this did it maliciously. They're just immature and didn't know better.

But try to imagine a student at this campus who perhaps has been thinking of coming out to his family and relatives and sees this video.

A student at Rutgers University killed himself because his roommate publicly made fun of him for being gay.

It is not too unfathomable to imagine such a thing happening at this school.

So again, not so much that the video may offend you--it's poorly produced to begin with--but that it cultivates a culture of discrimination and harassment towards gay people.

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