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 Posted: 2013-02-22 09:55 pm
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The self-defense moves sound like a great idea, though it sounds like the guy you're up against would react aggressively and might start a fight right there. If not, others in the locker room might not stand for watching you show up one of their ignorant friends (however much he may deserve it) and cause a scene, or prevent you from leaving.

Having friends there is a good idea, though if that's not possible, give a blank stare. People nowadays- especially high schoolers or college students- are very skimpy with making eye contact. If I'm in my school's library and I sit near some guys making nasty comments about LGBT, stereotypes, etc.; that blank, wordless stare works really well. They get uncomfortable and try and laugh it off, but usually switch to another topic.

I can't honestly say I know how you feel about being bullied, though; I am too much of a coward to even hint to the public of being a homosexual. Stay brave! I wish you luck!


The one who holds on to anger is the one who gets burned- Buddha
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