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 Posted: 2013-02-22 09:29 pm
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You first have to come to terms with that possibility, however dreadful it might be... I suggest you spend more time (if you aren't already) with your Grandpa so that you are comfortable talking to him and know warning signs of a possible anger outburst.
It might be stressful for your fiancee if you told your Grandpa with her there; though on the other hand it would make the marriage and coming out that much more real and true to him. You both would need to be very humble, smiling, confident but not brash.
It is your choice to bring your fiancee or not for that day. Just make sure your grandpa knows you care about what he thinks- that's my opinion.
Best of luck, my heart goes out to you, and congratulations! :)


The one who holds on to anger is the one who gets burned- Buddha
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