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 Posted: 2013-02-21 11:00 pm
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Geesh - that kid sounds like such a jerk.  I want to say that you should report him, but I know that sometimes reporting someone makes it worse.  And, I'm figuring that his attitude is coming directly from his parents so it won't help to have your parents tell his parents.

Maybe you just need to have a snappy comeback that will make everyone laugh at him instead.  Like "your the one slappin a guy's ass".  Do you think that would work with him or make him worse? 

Also, maybe you can get some friends who can be there with you.

Have you ever thought about taking a self defense course or learning some defense moves from someone? I am NOT referring to weapons.   Even if you went to a place that teaches karate or something similar and tell them you are being bullied (don't have to tell them the details) and ask if he/she would teach you a few moves that will help just in case it gets too physical.  Stay vague about who and where it is cause you don't want them to complicate things - just show you some moves.

I know it is hard to hear those kinds of comments, but try to be strong and not let him get a rise out of you because that is what he wants.  If you just act like he is a speck of dirt, with an even smaller brain, and even less significant words floating out of his mouth, then he will move on to someone else.  So, hold back the tears as best you can.  Wouldn't it feel better to be self-empowered and do a self defense move on him when he goes to touch you? 

Picture it - he slaps you and then makes his stupid comment.  Right when everyone in the locker room is looking, you do your self defense move and throw him to the ground.  While he is down there you say "you're the one slapping a guy's ass" and walk out.  BAMM - you won.

There are self defense classes out there that aren't as involved as karate - and I bet a police station would know who does them.  They are usually pretty cheap - and if you can't get the money, offer to do some chores for whoever is running the class. 

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