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 Posted: 2013-02-13 04:46 am
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Hey guys I'm in a pickle! I've grown pretty close to my co-worker, we just clicked right off the bat (she's 18 I'm 20) and correct me if I'm wrong, by all means I won't get offended, but I believe she's giving me some signals. The signs:

1. She is always touching me: whether it be poking, brushing her hand on my back to get past me, and a lot of the time she puts her hand on my shoulder when I'm talking to someone (as if to join in the conversation). Also when im on my phone she comes over to see what Im looking at and leans onto me while brushing her chest on my arm (If only straight girls realize what this does to us....:eek:). She also hugs me a lot
2. She always asks me to hang out: So far we've hung out twice, once to the movies an another at a party. The party was actually at her place, and she was practically stuck to me the whole night. She is always saying I make her feel safe (I'm quite muscular, whether or not that has anything to do with it) she was very touchy-feely
3. She is very hyper/giggly/jittery when I'm around: Always has a huge smile when she sees me, and sometimes she would throw things at me then run away and giggle.
4. She texts me almost every night: She doesn't exactly flirt with me, but I feel like she's trying to get me to flirt with her..she'd be like "what are you doing?" I'd say "watching friday the 13th"..then she would say "ooo i wanna see! But only if you come over and watch it with me, it's too scary to watch alone :(". She would also text "how was class my dearest?" and seems to know when I work/my class schedule strangely well. When I'm at the gym she texts "soo any hot babes at the gym? ;)"
5. She asked to hang out on Valentine's day: She texts me "the cutest movie is coming out on Valentine's day, since you make me watch scary movies you're coming with me to see it!"
6. She links me a picture of a gay pride mug with pride colors on it and goes "This is so cool! i want one lol"
7. Her Ex-boyfriend walks into our store so she runs and clings to me and says "Omg savvee me, I can't stand him he's a psycho"
8. She also looks/smells exceptionally good when I'm around
9. She would mention a conversation we had earlier, or note something that happened involving me...such as "When you said this today what did you mean?" Or "you looked grumpy earlier :( What was wrong?"
10. She gets a little nervous when I make eye contact, but that could just be because she's a little shy in general.

What do you guys think? I'm not sure what to think tbh.. She seems overtly flirty but claims to be straight and shows me pics of half-naked guys.

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