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 Posted: 2013-02-08 02:48 am
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Hi I'm 17 and I just had a really heated debate with my stepfather about bisexuality. He said it doesn't exist and I said it does. We're both pretty opinionated hard headed people so we don't really know when to stop.

There wasn't any yelling or anything like that, I just started tearing up because I myself don't really know where I stand with my sexuality...

When he thought he upset me I simply said that my friend is bisexual and that it sucks that some people don't believe her if she sas she's bi.
When in reality I find myself extremely attracted to women. I get crushes on girls like I do boys..I had hopes that if I ever brought home a girlfriend that my parents would take me seriously. Then I think that maybe I'm not bisexual and just think girls are attractive, but then I catch myself thinking of being in a relationship with my lady crushes..Confusion all around haha.

I'm aware that people are entitled to their opinion and I don't think that he's not allowed to have one. I'm simply sad that what I kinda sorta feel he explains as non-existent or confusion.
I'm not upset that he has an opinion I'm just crying because the opinion he has tugs at my heart.

I have never told anyone of my sexual orientation, mostly because I have extreme social anxiety. I don't know how to deal with my feelings or how to understand it... I just need help understanding and being more open to people's opinions since I know there will be people who don't believe in the that things I feel.
I'm sitting here calling myself a drama queen. I just need someone to talk to I suppose..

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