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 Posted: 2013-02-04 06:38 pm
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You seem straight to me.  Your problem is that you are trying to label yourself with one of three descriptions (gay, straight, bi) and none fit like a glove.  Straight doesn't fit (in your mind) because you had one or two moments of arrousal by a man.

Every person's sexuality is somewhere on a scale between straight, bisexual or gay.  There is a lot of gray area on that scale.  So maybe you had a moment of arousal toward a man - that is ok and doesn't mean too much at all.  I know many people who have been "with" the same sex once or twice, or perhaps find a person of the same sex attractive on some occasion.  That doesn't define them as gay - or necessarily bi.   

If you are an open person I do not understand why the thought of being bisexual or gay is so horrifying to you - but that is a different subject.  :cool:

I think you are building this up in your head because you had an unusual thing happen to you and you had a moment of possible arrousal by so now you think you have to sit squarely in the gay, bi or straight category to label yourself. 

Let go of worrying about this.  If you find yourself attracted to the same sex every now and again, big deal.  Many people have occasional experiences with the same sex but still see themselves as pretty much straight (or technically in the gray area very close to straight on the scale).  So, stop obsessing about it and I think you will find that it is no big deal and these obssessive thoughts will go away. 

And, if you find yourself experimenting with a man someday, big deal.  You can't define yourself with a simplified lable based on one experience.


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