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 Posted: 2013-02-04 06:17 pm
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You bring up a valid point, marshmallow. It's true... According to what his son knows, i don't even exist. I made mention to him before that i would appreciate it if his son was "expecting" to meet me before he arrives. He got extremely frustrated & actually walked away from our conversation. "he's just a child" he kept saying. Sooo you can't tell him about me because he's just a what's going to happen when he's here & sees us both go to the same bed? Will he still be an innocent child who doesn't need to know anything? How can he expect me to be a part of this kid's life if he doesn't want him knowing about me???
On the other hand, he still introduces me to ppl as his "friend".
Am i crazy or do i have a valid point here? ....& how do i fix it?

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