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 Posted: 2013-02-04 06:02 pm
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I don't think you ever "get over" your partner having a child.  You decide to embrace his child or you move on. 

I think the reason you get so upset every time you think of his child is because you do not trust your partner's commitment to your relationship.  This issue is causing all the confusion and sadness you are feeling.  They all go back to this issue.  I do not necessarily blame you if he, in fact, will not tell his child about you.  Unless he does that I can see where you might question his commitment.  Do not allow yourself to be put in the back seat.  Tell him how you feel and give him the opportunity to prove to you how committed he is by including you in on his relationship with his child.

You and your partner can have your own children and not have it tainted by his current child.  It will be a unique and exciting experience because it will the first child that you will have raised from the beginning.

If he does include you and you open up to his child (and not let your insecurity get in the way) you will see that it will be a very rewarding experience and will bring you even closer to your partner.

Decide what you need from him so that you can truly trust his commitment.  It seems to me that it is him including you in his relationship with his child.

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