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 Posted: 2013-01-30 11:08 pm
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I am so sorry that your mom let out her emotions on you like that!  As a parent she should always protect you from even her own struggles.  You did the right thing by telling her how you feel and you should not be embarrassed.  The way she responded is her problem and her character flaw, not yours.  That being said, maybe just give her a bit of time to adjust.  Parents do not typically lose their love for their children and she will come around and be an important support for you.  She has to take in the information and adjust.  She has to go through a similar process you went through when you first figured out how you felt. 

In the meantime, stay strong and know that you are a beautiful person and that there are others who feel like you and have been able to adjust and have a happy life.  There is a transgendered section below (scroll down) with alot of great information for you.

If your mother keeps abusing you by calling you names, you will need to find somewhere else to stay with someone who is more understanding.  Protect yourself and love yourself.

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