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 Posted: 2013-01-30 05:40 pm
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So... I don't even know how to begin... I have always been girly and not even once, I have ever thought of myself as a boy... I have long hair since i'm 6 or 7 years old... I've always liked to dye my hair and skinny jeans and i try my best to look like a girl (Within moderation) so people have always had a "hint" i'm not a "normal boy", But i still even though i wanted people to know, I've always been afraid of saying it out loud so i lived like this for a long time, Trying to stop time so i could keep my body as feminine as i could, Because that's the only way i can live with myself... So this is how it turned out... i spent a weekend at my aunt's house, And she is a very open minded woman, In fact, my cousin is lesbian so she's very familiar with the situation. Everything was fine, untill i went to take a bath, and my leg was very hairy and i used the razor, Without thinking of the consequences. A few minutes after that, She walked in and asked my cousin if she had shaved her leg, She said no, And to avoid further problems, i had to tell her it was me. She talked to me in private, And told me she knew and that i could trust her, So i told her, i was, indeed, Very confused. A week after that, My dad found out and confronted me and i told him, i see myself as a girl and not as a boy... He was shocked but he was quite comprehensive, and he said he would pass by saturday to talk about it with my mom and i... The problem is, i hadn't told my mom yet... I mean, we had that conversation before, and i told her i felt like a woman and i wanted to be one... She got really upset so the next day i said i was a lie because i was really scared, she forgot it over time... That was 1 year ago... so 2 days ago, i was decided i was going to tell her, so i waited for her to get back from work, and i told her... She wasn't surprised, she said she knew, and she would always love me no matter what... I felt so relieved to tell my mom and to know i had her support... It didn't last long. yesterday before i went to bed, i've heard her crying and i asked her what's wrong, She got agressive and told me i was a mistake, And that i am sick in the head and that i should accept being a male and that i should die and alot of horrible stuff... I feel like crap... I've never felt so humiliated in my whole life... i need some advises please... sorry for the long text. xx

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