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 Posted: 2013-01-04 10:11 pm
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Thank you for coming to our site and sharing!  My heart aches for you but I do feel you have an avenue to escape your loneliness.  You have a lot of life ahead of you and so you must make efforts to get out there and not be lonely. 

I think maybe (not to judge) part of your struggle is that you are a little homophobic youself - which is not necessarily all that unusual.  You have internalized all the negative gay bashing you have heard around you.  I think the first step is for you to begin to accept yourself for who you are.  So what if you are feminine?  Celebrate who you are!  Be proud and centered and people will gravitate toward you and want to share in your confidence and happiness.

It sounds like you live in a small minded area.  You might need to think about a big change - like moving to a larger city where folks are more open minded and being gay is, well, almost cool  :cool:

Also, there is some gray area between hitting the bars all the time and then staying home and accepting loneliness.  Try to find a support center - or even just a gay political organization that is nearby that you can participate in. 

Please do not accept loneliness.  Learn to accept who you are - then go forth and celebrate!

Keep posting.....

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