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 Posted: 2010-04-17 01:36 am
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Hi and welcome to the lgbtcommunityforum. I have to admit that just reading the word Christian makes me want to run for the hills. Why? Because they are out there in society demonizing who and what I am. That being said, I have been delighted to meet a few Christians who are actually all loving and very accepting.

Sure, I'll answer your questions -

1. At what age were you comfortable with your sexual orientation? At what age did you realize you were gay?

I realized I was gay around 23 years of age and promptly moved to San Francisco and came out. It was the best thing I could have done for myself as it was wonderfully fun to come out in the gay mecha of the world.

2. At what age were you comfortable talking with your family about your sexual preference? If you haven't yet, why?

It took me about 4 years or so before I came out to my parents. They live in the midwest and I knew it would not be easy for them. My only sister is gay as well so we decided to come out together. We knew it would be intense.

3. If you are religious, what denomination are you? I grew up Catholic but slowly separated from the religion after moving to S.F. and becomming comfortable with whom I am and relizing that the religion was full of judgments and "unlove". After attending a Catholic service recently as a memorial for a cousin who passed away I decided never to step in a church again. Why? Because the priest's sermon was quite political and he spent a good bit of time talking about how "they" were conquering gay rights.

I do believe in God and practice my spirituality without the need for organized religion.

4. Does your church know about your sexual orientation? N/A

5. If so, do they make you feel welcome or as if you are doing something wrong? If your church is welcoming and accepting, would you feel just as comfortable walking into a church of another orientation? N/A

6. Do you ever feel depressed because society often glosses over who you are or flat out denies you the same rights as heterosexual couples?
I have gotten past the depression and dissappointment. I think that living in SF, around an extremely accepting community made it so much easier to blossom into who I am and feel self-confident and proud about it. There is a rich lgbt community family out there. And, in some communities, very accepting straight folks too! I actually feel very happy to be living the life I am living. Especially happy that I did come to an understanding of my orientation early in life and had the strength to move to an accepting community.

7. Do you feel comfortable with PDA in public? If so, why? If not, why?
What is PDA?

8. Have you ever felt depressed either solely because, or increased because, of your sexual orientation? Have you ever felt that you have been dealt a "raw deal"? Has societies views, laws, ideas ever made you feel less than "normal" or unequal to heterosexuals?

In all honesty, I've never felt "less than" straight folks. Maybe it had to do with coming out in S.F. - but - I actually felt sorta superior (Can't believe I'm admitting that!). Of course I was full of pride and excitement when I first came out. Now I see everybody as equally the same - no better or no less - and everyone has the right to be who they want to be - as long as they are not hurting others.

Best of luck to you - enjoy the site! We have a bi-sexual section which you will find if you just scroll down a bit.

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