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 Posted: 2010-04-16 03:27 am
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In reply of your questions:
At what age were you comfortable with your sexual orientation? At what age did you realize you were gay?
In my late thirties. I was first attracted to my own sex at age 5 when I fell in love with my brother's 7 year old friend and I told my parents in front of their guest when their guest asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up I replied "I want to marry Clayton." After that the beatings and tortures started as my father wanted to "drive the devil out of me." So I went in the closet to the outside world as I believed I was cursed until in my late thirties I had gone to a seminary and discovered the Greek bible in which the German & English bibles were not translated right and the real bible makes no mention of men "having unnatural lust with one another." And in fact we no longer have the true bible. then I accepted homosexuality as perfectly natural. (In fact I have seen and both owned several gay animals.)

2. At what age were you comfortable talking with your family about your sexual preference? If you haven't yet, why? Never talked to my family about it except my younger sister for whom I told her on my 75th birthday as she was already accepting of gays as is her husband. The rest of my family were hard core Baptist and totally against anyone bi or gay.

3. If you are religious, what denomination are you? I am an ordained Christian minister and the outreach minister in my church; United Methodist. I attend church regularly.

4. Does your church know about your sexual orientation? My pastor does, but I think he may be gay too even though he is married and has a 13 year old obviously gay son he denies he is gay, but he acts and talks very fem. I asked him if he were bisexual and he said no, but I find it strange why he acts so fem and not be gay. Most of the others in my church do not like gays as they allege its in the bible, which of course it is not.

5. If so, do they make you feel welcome or as if you are doing something wrong? If your church is welcoming and accepting, would you feel just as comfortable walking into a church of another orientation? United Methodist is supposed to be accepting of gays, but when I have asked members about it they claim it is against God and misquote verses in the bible to back up their bogus claims, so I drop the subject with them. I would go to any church accepting gays, but there are none in my town and the nearest town with such churches is 80 miles away.

6. Do you ever feel depressed because society often glosses over who you are or flat out denies you the same rights as heterosexual couples? Absolutely even though I am actually bisexual and have been married to women I want everyone to be able to have the same equal rights as anyone else and am against religion dictating our government.

7. Do you feel comfortable with PDA in public? If so, why? If not, why? I don't know what PDA stands for.

8. Have you ever felt depressed either solely because, or increased because, of your sexual orientation? Have you ever felt that you have been dealt a "raw deal"? Has societies views, laws, ideas ever made you feel less than "normal" or unequal to heterosexuals? When I was younger, but by the time I was in my late thirties I felt it was normal to be gay or bi and that those that opposed it were abnormal or that something was mentally wrong with them.

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