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 Posted: 2012-12-24 03:12 am
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I am not a homosexual but I am currently doing a lesson plan on cultures within our society for young children ages 5-8 years. During our seminar I had mentioned that it is important to educate young children about homosexuality and the culture homosexuals have created for themselves and how it is as valid and important as any ethnic culture.

Not surprisingly, I was met by hostility by some of my fellow students and two of them went on the typically "God rant" and how it's a choice or a fetish and so on. You know, all the ignorant stuff. The teacher eventually had to break us (or shall I say THEM) up and told us it would have to become a personal conversation, which I didn't bother with because they were clearly ignorant and you can't change stupid.

This has convinced me that education about this community is even more valid and is imperative to teaching children how natural and normal homosexuality is. I believe if we start teaching people to be accepting and tolerant of people early on the LGBT community, as well as all other communities of various cultures will receive the respect, tolerance and understanding that every person deserves.

Further, the more accepted homosexuality becomes it will be more common to have a student who have openly gay parents or an openly gay relative or even be gay themselves. They need to learn at an early age that there is nothing bad when people love the same sex.

So far all I've come up with is

"You know how men and women love each other? Sometimes a man and man love each other and it is called being gay. Sometimes a woman and a woman love each other like your mommy and daddy do and it's called being a lesbian. Both are the same sort of love your mom and dad have." (if applicable...assuming the kid's parents are happily together)

Do you think that is worded accurately or could it be better written in that respect?

So I have a few questions I'd like answered for my paper if you would be so kind.

1.) What age did you realize you liked the same sex?

2.) What are some special things about gay culture that makes you unique.

3.) How would you explain homosexuality to young children?

4.) Where should children visit (as in a field trip)if they would like to learn more about the gay culture? (it doesn't have to be local to my location)

I guess this is it for now. Any information would be very helpful.

Thank you.

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