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 Posted: 2010-04-15 10:37 pm
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Hi, I am a bisexual woman who is married with two children and a very loving and accepting husband! I am also a nursing student who is in the middle of a rather large research paper. I am not sure if this is against the rules, if it is I will delete it and continue checking out the forum and chatting...that's why I mainly joined here.

I used to be a Christian and was utterly disgusted with the way they treat other people...especially those in the LGBT community. Because of my experience with this, I have been motivated to use this as a topic, with a focus on the Christian agenda to impede on the rights of the LGBT community. Being a married bisexual woman (whose husband is ok with me having relationships with other fact, i have a darling friend who is involved with my entire household...just not sexually with my husband) I have a huge problem with this. If it got to be known who I am in real life, my family would raise hell and high water to have my children removed from my home. They would see this as an abomination--even though they (my children) have no idea the extent of my relationships...they merely have many people around them that genuinely LOVE them, and IMO that's what it's all about.

Anyway...I have found so much research on how the inequalities legally for the LGBT community has caused and increased substance abuse, drug abuse, depression and suicide that I wanted to see what others thought. As a whole it's difficult to be a minority, and that in and of itself has it's own special section in the psychology world...but to be a minority who has their own niche within their ethnic groups, the feeling of having too many "negatives" is seen as the cause to increase depression, etc. Now with the political world being in an uproar and the seemingly entire US battling over the rights of LGBT people, the Christian supporters have come out in groves to fund, support and deny many rights. With 70% of American's claiming to believe in makes me wonder, how many in the LGBT world are having a difficult time being accepted, accepting who they are and just being themselves as a whole..and how many aren't? How many have had depression increase, not seen a change, or have  been so supported that they don't feel depressed at all?

Enough of my rambling...if you would so like, please take some time to answer a few questions and ask any questions of me that you would like. I am sure it seems suspicious that a new person is asking so much of you...and I can totally understand if no one wants to answer, or if I make any angry. if I do make anyone angry, i am so sorry!

1. At what age were you comfortable with your sexual orientation? At what age did you realize you were gay?

2. At what age were you comfortable talking with your family about your sexual preference? If you haven't yet, why?

3. If you are religious, what denomination are you?

4. Does your church know about your sexual orientation?

5. If so, do they make you feel welcome or as if you are doing something wrong? If your church is welcoming and accepting, would you feel just as comfortable walking into a church of another orientation?

6. Do you ever feel depressed because society often glosses over who you are or flat out denies you the same rights as heterosexual couples?

7. Do you feel comfortable with PDA in public? If so, why? If not, why?

8. Have you ever felt depressed either solely because, or increased because, of your sexual orientation? Have you ever felt that you have been dealt a "raw deal"? Has societies views, laws, ideas ever made you feel less than "normal" or unequal to heterosexuals?

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