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 Posted: 2012-12-05 11:22 pm
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Although we are not technically dating yet, I've become very acceptive of the person he embraces to be: a feminine man that is not scared to show and share his emotions. He has become rather comfortable in my company, being able to express himself has caused new realizations for him that he may be more than just a very feminine male - and even though I'm here for him all the way, I'm not sure how to respond or react to this situation as I've never experienced this before. I told him that his appearance has absolutely nothing to do with my feelings, that I want him to know I'm staying right here with and for him. <3 I'm falling for him, more and more each day I speak and spend with him. We were texting each other and he blushed like a schoolgirl according to his fathers (yes, he was raised by homosexual men - which is AMAZING), I jokingly said 'You're officially my girlfriend with the penis' and today he made a point about that saying it just feels right - although he is not entirely sure about being or not being Transgendered.

If my boyfriend is Trangendered, does that mean he is actually a Lesbian since he is into me? I'm very confused with this and would love to get some insight by somebody that can explain all of this. He told me that he feels too feminine for a bisexual male.

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