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 Posted: 2010-04-06 04:51 am
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This small town of 8000 I live in has a very large gay community of business people, art gallery owners, government officials and the like including some very famous gay people and they even have government buildings named in their honor and although many accept them there are those who for the most part are Republicans who allege gays choose that "life-style" and when I ask them "Did you choose to be a heterosexual to live that life style?" They usually reply, "It is not a life style as I was born that way." And I question them "How can you say that as no one is born a heterosexual, they choose to be as its a life style and against nature as everyone is born bisexual. Science have proven that." Oh that try to argue with me but they can not win because at my age I have heard all of their lies and bullshit and I use their own propaganda BS to throw right back at them. I even go on the internet to Christian sites and tell them that the reason God has been sending floods, earthquakes, cold winters and famine on the world is because they are condemning homosexuality and there fore God is punishing them all. I told them that the earthquake in Haiti and Chili was caused because those people prosecuted the gays and God was punishing them for doing so. In other words I am giving them a dish of their own crap back to them. What's good for the goose is good for the gander and unlike many in the gay community I am not afraid to face up to these bigots and tell them they are sociopaths and latent homosexuals because I tell them "if you say you hate gays then you must be one your self other wise if you've so straight it shouldn't bother you unless you are gay yourself then by attacking other gays it makes you appear less gay." Oh they hate that and often use the excuse "the bible is against it." But since I am an ordained minister I reply to them that the bible we have is not the true bible as there is no place in the bible condemning homosexuality and the false bible they have come to believe in was written by the Catholic church and the word homosexual was first coined in 1869 by a German scientist.

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