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 Posted: 2012-11-19 06:18 am
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Hello admin. Gay DNA...I never really considered that! It's so interesting that you and your sister are both lesbians. That must have been a huge source of support for both of you. Yes I am bi..I am still attracted to guys too, but of course I am more into exploring my "girl loving" side now. :)
My mom is being a bit more open. I told her that me and my sweetie are dating. She is not wild about the idea. But sometimes I mention her and she listens to me without any judgment. That means a whole lot to me!
Thanks for your reply. I am enjoying my relationship a lot. My sweetheart just got a new apartment and I'm very happy for her. We have never slept together before and later in the week it will be the first time we spend the night together. I'm excited and nervous at the same time...I know it will be very special for both of us.
Thanks again for the reply! :)

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