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 Posted: 2012-11-12 04:04 pm
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Over the past years and months, equal rights in sports have been a hot topic resolved by many sports federations, companies, and nationwide organizations. Social status, gender and race are the main areas protected in such equal rights programs. Equality depending on sex-related orientation however is still a taboo in some cultures and therefore not resolved as much as it should be. Homophobia in sports is still happening in this day and age. There is still a long way for an equal field in sports for all people regardless of their sexual orientation. Members of the LGBT community, specifically the gay population, who play masculine activities such as basketball or soccer have experienced discrimination. These people, however, do not experience discrimination when they are playing sports or activities that are associated with women such as dancing and ballet. I read that joining an LGBT-discrimination free gym is a solution to prevent discrimination against members of the LGBT. (

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