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 Posted: 2010-04-02 09:33 pm
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I had no idea you were new, but I will do my best to point people in your direction as I am on facebook and a few other sites. I am a disco dancer too and still do all of the moves, but mainly for exercise although I do enjoy dancing. When I was 72 I entered a disco dancing contest and beat out twenty and thirty year old's winning the contest and getting a blue ribbon. The women went bananas and some younger men in their late thirties started noticing me and inviting me to their parties, but I not much of a night bird any longer never showed up. And I still like the kind of movies I did when I was in my teens; horror, satire, high adventure and science fiction. Mad TV was my favorite comedy show but I think it was canceled. I said close to 80 as I will be 78 come July which I regard as close to 80, but I'll never change in my actions, thinking or style as I am a true rebel and get up in people's face who go after the GLBT community to try and straighten them out and if I can't I do to them what they do to us, "So you say gays choose to be gay, then you chose to be an idiot. You weren't born an idiot, you chose to be an idiot as its a life style and against nature." That puts them on the defensive which I could care less.

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