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 Posted: 2012-10-29 02:02 am
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Hi everyone, I'm new here. :) I'm 27 and I'm from southern california. Earlier this year I fell for a lesbian friend of mine. She's really one of the most amazing people I've ever met. At first she told me "You don't really want to date a girl do you?" but I just knew that I was in love with her. We've had a lot of back and forth between friends and dating because she has always been scared of relationships. But I've always been sure that I wanted to be with her.

Well now we are dating, and I am so happy because I've never had anyone be so serious about me before. I mean she is really committed to the relationship, something that hasn't happened before with someone I was dating! I'm really happy, except I can't really talk to my family or friends about it. I come from a christian background. My mom is my bestie. She's very loving but some things she just can't accept, like a same sex relationship. I told my brother, who is also bi, and he is happy I've found someone. But as for my other family and friends, I can't really talk about it, which makes me sad. Because I really want to share my happiness. :( So I'm happy I found this group. Hope to get to know you guys and post a lot more. :)

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