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 Posted: 2010-03-19 06:07 pm
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I was looking for a gay atheist forum to join when I came upon this forum. I am not comfortable posting on either religious or non LGBT forums as has been my experience in the past that heterosexuals for the most part dislike LGBT's and most religions do too. I live in a small town, population 8,000 in the southwest and although there is a very large gay community here with several gays in government or public buildings named after them, I do not associate with them as they all live on one side of town and I live on the other. I am also heavily in the civil rights movement picketing a restaurant back in 1944 that would not allow black people to eat in it in a large western city. Then in the late forties to early fifties I got involved with both the African-American and Hispanic civil rights movement. For the last 40 years I have been in the LGBT civil rights movement. Most minorities in the USA now have equal rights, but not LGBT. This bothers me because some of the most outspoken bigots against LGBT are some of the very minorities I marched with and were involved with. And what is even worse is there are still a few sick brain-washed individuals who allege lesbians and gays choose that "lifestyle" or are "sick" in the face of scientific proof that a heterosexual in no way can be attracted to their own sex as its physically impossible, unless everyone on earth are bisexuals. And to say the choose and are sick, is to say four and five year old's as well as animals have a choice or are sick. And if that is the case that four and five year old's are that intelligent, then why bother going to school? And if animals have the ability to choose, then they are as smart as we are. Anyway you may have guessed that I am not far from 80 and you would be right. I live a healthy life style, don't smoke or drink alcoholic beverages or use illegal drugs. My hobbies are extreme hiking (that's hiking up 40% grades in the mountains), camping out (in a tent), visiting interesting places, traveling, rock collecting, writing and meeting new people around the world. I also like to paint (on canvas.) 

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