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 Posted: 2012-08-04 01:02 am
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Hi and welcome.  Glad you posted.

First off - there are no "rules".  We are all different and we all go through a period of discovery regarding our sexuality and each of us have a truly unique experience with it.

For me, I started off thinking I was bi and transitioned pretty quickly into realizing I was lesbian.  I was living in San Francisco so it was a very easy environment to embrace my lesbianism. 

I think you should definitely explore being with women - and be very open and honest with the man you are dating.  In fact, it seems like at this point you shouldn't really be in a monogamous relationship with anyone - especially men - because it sounds, to me, like you really want to be with women.  And I think once you make love with a woman - you're going to want to dive in.  Just my impression from what I read.

Do not ignore these feelings because if you end up marrying a man you may really hurt him later on down the road.  There is someone on this forum with a post who ignored his gay tendancies and is really paying for it now (not to mention his wife and kids). 

So, don't try to label yourself - just go out and experience and do not commit to anyone just yet.  Give yourself the freedom to be you.  Seek out an lgbt community center near you and go talk about your feelings - and you will find others experiencing similar feelings.

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