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Out & About: LGBT comic series
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 Posted: 2016-08-13 08:44 pm
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I just would like to give a shoutout for my partner's work. Here it is in his own words!

Hey there! How is everybody? I'd like to introduce myself, as well as my comics.
I am an illustrator/comics artist from Brazil. I started my web comics "Torta de Climão" in Brazil 3 years ago. I wanted to tell stories about this groups of friends that are part of the LGBT community in Brazil, featuring issues related to it, such as homophobia, sexism, prejudice, as well as universal things like friendship, love and daily life situations, all put together with humor and irony as its backbone. It showcased the very rich underground culture from the LGBT community in Brazil. After a few months online, it went viral in Brazil and gathered a lot of followers. Last year it was released as a book in the Brazilian market.

Now I'm living in the US and I started translating/adapting the strips to English. Here it's called Out&About. I hope you can take a look. Please follow me if you like the strips, share with friends and let people know about it. I am doing my best to bring LGBT representation to comics, being myself a gay man.
If you wanna see more, visit
It's also on Facebook at
Thanks, have a great day! :)


Also, any help or ideas in promoting, supporting, spreading the word, is hugely appreciated. Thanks thanks thanks

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