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Story of a domonant male coming out..
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 Posted: 2014-06-09 04:21 am
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My names justin smith and i was born in jasper texas, and came out in tioga, tx.. Heres my story..

When i came out my father would drink hover over me when i slept saying how i was a worthless faggot.. And he was going to murder me.. Unlike most storys this led to me getting out of bed and saying.. "What the fuck are you saying? Il fucking lay you the fuck out right now if you dont get your fucking ass out of my room with that shit*

This led to fights.. Im not to strong but im a preety big guy who can take care of my self.. Studyed krav maga many years.. So sometimes id be tossed though a table.. sometimes id bash his face in for starting crap.. But it always led to both of us sitting down.. And having a shot.. And finding a peace.. I rember when my father also tossed me though a glass table.. And covered in blood and glass i tackled him over our bar..

Even after all this everynight he would leer over me drunk saying how i was a fucking worthless faggot then it happened.. He tryed to kill me in my sleep..

That ended in me going worse than a fight where im not trying to harm him.. I Broke his skull in that night.. Then he was arrested because i documented it all..

After that i drifted in my old GMC around.. Using funds ive had saved to travel.. But before i left tioga i was at a  bar... And 3 of my grand fathers friend tryed to beat me.. 1st they said.. *So why does a faggot drive a car like that? We heard what you did to your grandfather were gonna teach you a lesson..* I was already past 4 shots.. So i pulled out my combat knife when he threw a punch.. Stabbed one in the ribs.. threw him into the others and grabed the last guy put the knife to his throat and told him.. *Im gonna turn you into my lil faggot you piece of shit.. Im gonna rip your pants off and fuck that ass of your till you see who the faggot is you lil fucking shit head* The bartendor broke us up by aiming a shot gun at us.. Police came.. Lucky for me they tryed to punch me 1st.. And couldent prove the rape threat.. And i was gone for self defence.. After leaving the city i moved to dallas...

-The good part- The anger left when i was around other gay males.. And around more accepting people.. I Turned passive.. And loving.. And today i take care of my boy friend making everyday of his life happy.. And giving 2 other gay friends a home and the good news is they have been dating forms new love..

Evven thou that the horrible things was years ago... I Still feel the rage in my heart.. I wish it would go away.. But im glad those gay bashers suffered... Also the guy i threatened to rape is kinda a scared pansy now.. last time i saw his ass he ran away crying funnyest damn thing ever..

-The father-

My dad got liver issues.. hes dieing.. Ive been there every step of the way.. Making sure he has gas.. And feeding him from restrants.. Because even thou he was so horrid to me.. And tryed to kill me every chance he could get.. I love my dad... And he loves me..

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