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My Ex/Divorce/Gay friend
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 Posted: 2014-10-25 06:47 pm
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:?Hello: I am going through a contentious, messy divorce from my ex of 14 years. I have retained an attorney now for reasons of real estate/stolen property/stolen dog, etc. I am a 64 year old lesbian, my ex is 50 years old, a ?lesbian. We had a Registered Domestic Partnership, and were married in our church, as legal marriage was not recognized in Maine at the time we were married. My ex had one relationship prior to me with a woman. When I met her online, she was "devastated" over the loss of a 16 year "relationship" with a man who had discovered he was gay. 30 years ago, she was engaged to a man who gave her a ring, then "discovered" he was gay and split. That man came back into our lives after fleeing a 22 year relationship with a man. He had also engaged in drugs and risky behavior, contracting AIDS. I just learned to accept the fact that he was going to be in our lives, and over time I grew to love him also. The relationship between them grew an grew stronger, and I eventually felt that I became the 3rd person in their relationship. They spent 90% of their time together, excluding me. They volunteered at the AIDS Foundation where we live, they shared pictures on their phones and didn't show me, when we went somewhere, they walked together, leaving me behind. He has had boyfriends during the time we were together, but she and he were always tight anyway. She announced to me in a therapy session that she wanted a divorce, no options. I was floored!!! After an argument, he accosted me, leaving me with bruises on arm, and I got order of protection on him. He went in front of judge and lied his ass off, saying that I slammed him up against the wall, etc. and she agreed with him!!!! During the time that the separation/divorce was happening, he never once asked me how I was feeling and never told me he was sorry we were breaking up!!! Is there some kind of Freudian thing with lesbians who love gay men, or did I just spend 14 years of my life with a Bisexual woman??? :? I really want to know!!!!!

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