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Firespot is here, all rejoice
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 Posted: 2010-02-05 04:56 am
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Hero Of Destiny!

Joined: 2010-02-04
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Hey there! I am firespot I joined as hotspot but when I got the verification it said error and it wouldn't work, so I just reregistered as firespot and it worked as you can see.

I am in college for graphic design, and I want to make video games when I get out but I may have to stick with a freelancing graphic job for a while.
I love video games and anime.

I am also a gay male that acts straight.

The Bubbling cauldron~ A forum for LGBT too!
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 Posted: 2010-04-09 04:28 am
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Joined: 2010-03-19
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Do you really act "straight" or do you act your natural self? A lot of people assume or stereo type gays as all being fem or acting like girls when in fact the majority of both gays and lesbians act no different than anyone else and it is because of the ones that are swishy or fem acting that "straight" people assume all gay men act like women and lesbians act like men. Sort of assuming since many Hispanics like hot food then all Hispanics like hot food. Or black people are afraid of the dark. And that brings me to another false assumption; the word straight. It was the gays that first started using this word no realizing they were hurting them selves as people are born gay, they do not choose to be gay, therefore gays and lesbians are as straight as the next anyone else. I liked the words used back in the fifties "third sex" better than straight as we are all straight. Admitting you are not straight is admitting you've wrong or that you did indeed "choose" to be gay and the heterosexuals then win the notion gays and lesbians "choose" this so-called-life-style.

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