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Wing ma'am
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 Posted: 2013-05-27 05:08 pm
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For years posts in After Ellen, Autostraddle, Reddit, and other online communities have questioned why the lesbian community doesn’t have its own “Grindr-like” app. Such an app has yet to reach mass appeal.

The time is now! This app is no longer a matter of If, it is a matter of When.

We are a group of highly tech savy girls who have created the app appropriately named Wing Ma'am, available soon for iPhone and Android. Wing Ma’am is a social guidebook that uses location-based technology to safely connect you with other LGBT women in your area. You can chat, message and connect with your future hiking buddy or even meet princess charming! You can even see how many feet away that user is! The app is paving the way towards a stronger LGBT community by keeping you “in the know” about gay-friendly events in your area, while allowing you to create your own events to find like-minded people. You can start anything, from a small craft night to a large queer dance party. It’s community building-- reinvented!

We're extremely close to launching our app nationally. Long term, this app could help pave a social movement and unite the fragmented LGBT women's community.

Meanwhile, we need your help in finishing the development of the app. We have created a fundraiser (including a video featuring footage from the app in action!) that rewards you in really fun ways for your support! If we reach our goals, we can complete the app, fix the bugs and get a PERFECT version into your hands! It will also help us in creating and building a strong mobile community in each city so it is fun to use and constantly very active.
Please check out our fundraiser- even small donations help pave the way! The page also includes other ways you can help.

This is our app, this is our social movement.

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