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Completely confused
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 Posted: 2012-11-03 09:40 pm
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Hello. :3 I'm going to try to make this as straight to the point and as little confusing as possible.

There are two main things I'm trying to find my place in, one being the specifics on bi or pansexuality.
I am attracted to both men and women. I am currently married to a man and have been for over 3 years now. However I was dating a transgendered (man to woman) for over three years so there's that dating experience as well. I have also always been attracted to women but do not have nearly as much experience.

I am a born female. However, I find myself very attracted to being gender neutral or jumpy. I'm not sure. Some days I want to be pretty others I want to appear masculine but more often than not I want to be completely androgynous.

I'm in an odd situation of, I'm married to a man who discovered his bisexuality through out relationship. We also have a new son and my husband will be leaving for the military soon. As you can see, I'm not exactly in a care-free "discover yourself" place but I am sick of not knowing where I fit or where I'm comfortable or what I identify with and am looking for those answers.

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