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Why hello everyone~ c:
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 Posted: 2012-08-30 02:52 am
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You may call me Colleen, for i am a 15 year old tom.

In the beginning i came out as a lesbian, but somehow i knew something was missing. As soon as i came to terms with myself realizing who i am in the inside rather than who i was on the outside i suddenly saw things with a different perspective with a positive attitude. Since through all that i became much more happier than i was before. I feel simply terrific. ;D

I enjoy reading japanese history, drawing, sleeping outside on a sunny afternoon, collecting anime figurines/plushies, cosplaying, writing stories, and Homestuck. \m/

I'm a pretty open person especially when it comes to people and their beliefs. I feel no need to fight over anything when i know already i'm happy, you're happy, we're all happy with who we are. Of course it's an opinion so don't take it the wrong way haha.


v That is me! c:

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